Friday, September 6, 2013

Lincoln Park Fun

Green City Market
Me and a friend decided to visit a local farmer's market in Lincoln Park! It was so fun looking at all the different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and the vendors' stands! I would recommend going to this market if you're in the area, or even visit a local market near you! It's a great way to use produce that you know is good quality, is grown organically, and is sure to be tasty :)! 
This time around I decided to buy some peaches and plums to make a pie! 


Gimme Some Sweet & Salty
We also visited a stand called Cookies and Carnitas that is new to the market! We're suckers for baked goods with bacon in it! The stand was sold out, which is no surprise! But we will definitely be stopping next week to get our cookies :)! 

                             "Pump up the jam, Pump it up, While your feet are stompin'
And the jam is pumpin" JAM TIME :)
Another stand called Leaning Shed Farm from Michigan sold heirloom veggies. We found so many unique flavored tomatoes! I decided to get a Pineapple Tomato! What exactly do you do with a tomato like this you ask? Make a jam of course! I like to live on the edge and be a little daring, so I made a Pineapple Tomato- Peach Jam with a hint of cinnamon! It actually turned out to be pretty delicious! My roomates and sister were kind enough to be taste testers for me :).  
Pineapple Tomato

Deconstructed Peaches & Plums 

Peaches from the market! 

The Lovely Jam: 

Hope you enjoyed my post today! Thanks for taking a look! 

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